How I feel today…

Getting dressed today was a particular struggle, feeling a little gross at the best of times (from the ‘not morning sickness’), and then my expanding everything made today a hard one.

I started with a dress that is normally worn with a belt, however I skipped the belt as the idea of tying / belting something around the top of my stomach makes me gag.

The normally fashionable dress then resembled something of a sack.

I tried to ‘jazz it up’ with some beads.

Then I looked a bit like a nanna.

I wore it anyway.

For about an hour.

"To all the girls who think you're fat because you're not a size zero, you're the beautiful one, it's society that's ugly" - Marilyn Monroe

I did finally get dressed in to something that was both comfortable and I felt ok in.

Anni Lee x


In a dogs eyes…

This is our dog Max.

He appeared to be none too happy this morning with all the rain as he moped on the front verandah whilst I sat and had my toast and juice watching the rain.

Funny little man.

Max watching the rain

The only way to deal with the rainy morning...according to Max

So it begins…

So I’ve been trying for some time now to ‘get in to’ the blogging world,

even started a few times,

have a couple floating around out there,

but nothing that has really stuck…of which I’m really hoping this one will do.

Let us see shall we.

For today I’m going to keep it simple…super simple.

Today is a photo of me, my husband and our little family…or at least what I can show for now…

Our first family photo xo

Simple and sweet

Anni Lee x