sweet love

My Mr and Me

My Mr and Me, on our wedding day last year.

He really is my everything, the most sensitive, genuine, kind, sweet man I know.

He planned, set up and took me to one of our favourite places for Valentine’s Day last night.

Candles, roses, dinner, ginger beer and juice for the pregnant lady,

running water with lights scattered across the surface… the perfect night… our way.

My goodness I love this man!



She painted her what!?

Ok so that sounds pretty ‘siniser / potentially rude’ right? Or maybe that’s just me.
Oh well, that’s normal.

But really this is actually about one very cool lady who was sick of the colour of her…washing machine, so naturally she….

painted it…


with white polka dots!!

Love it! I might need to wait for a while though before I head out to the laundry for such an ambitious project…oh and finish the dining room chairs I’m already working on… yeah that might be a good idea.

Anyway, without further ado…here is the ‘painted washing machine’ by blogger Abbie at Five Days…5 Ways

One very cool washing machine named... Henrietta!

One very cool washing machine named... Henrietta!


I have so much respect for those who have the gumption to not only look outside the everyday ‘square’ but to leap out of it and turn it in to another shape!

Wishing a great day to the world.

Anni x