Throughout the ‘planning process’ prior to our little ones coming along I researched and looked at SO MANY cots in my travels, some were great, some where so incredibly OTT, some were simple, some where heinous, some were ho-hum…

But not once did I find anything like this… (or it would be sitting in their room right now!)

Tree Cot

I love seeing people’s creative minds manifest!



fish on a wet monsoonal day

Baked Fish, Spinach, and Tomatoes in Foil Packets

A reminder meal tonight…my beautiful Mama Bear is Brisbane side, and has been for a couple of weeks now, for health reasons, doing so very well … so tonight is a meal of fish that was caught at the Roper River by my darling Jake.

The Roper River is one of the many beautiful ‘stops’ along the way towards the ultimate journey’s end…Nathan River…home to Mama Bear and Papa Bear…and all of our hearts… its a place to escape the every day world….to breathe…to reflect…to recharge your batteries…to reconnect with family and special friends who join us out there….a very special place indeed.

So tonight is Roper River fish, baked and served with a side of happy memories and dessert of gratitude that Mama Bear is healthy and mending well xx


finally…my life is where I’ve always wanted to be


I have held many jobs
like….dozens…and have had many opportunities to make myself a really rewarding and fulfilling career.

without sounding up myself, I have the smarts to have gone to the ‘top’ of whatever field I have worked in…but

I’ve never had the true, heart-of-hearts drive to be at the top…of any job…of a career.

so what have I wanted to ‘excel’ at? What have I wanted to be the ‘best’ at? Where has my heart quietly but vehemently wished…for my whole life…to be?

right where I am now…a mum.

I am complete…I am mum to the two most pure, beautiful little souls I have ever met, and I am home…i am me.