we are enough | inspiration from across the seas

I follow this delightful blog, by a very honest, sweet, genuine lady living all the way over in the U.S.

I ADORE her blog: Brown Eyed Fox – you must check it out, she has a lovely style that she has spread through her home and life, and then generously shared peeks of it with her readers.

But what I really love are her words, her thoughts, her honesty about life, being a mummy, being herself, being true to her faith and convictions …. and the struggle of trying to be THIS all at the same time.

So the reason I mention dear Carissa, is due to her last blog post : enough : where she talks about her resolution for this year of being exactly that : enough. That she is enough, of which not only others are to recognize and accept, but more importantly that SHE accepts this too – and embraces that she IS ENOUGH.

And isn’t THAT something to ponder | stew around in your mind | play with in moments of doubt and uncertainty | something to adopt and embrace too…

So, as I was inspired to adopt her message, I placed it in a heart location in our home, to remember | remind me, when I’m frustrated, overwhelmed, doubting.

family - we are enough

Annika Jacob Elii & Caleb
“We ARE enough”

And we are … we are enough.

x Anni x


2014 | A sad start | Resolutions


David “Chub” Ker Bell
1952 – 2014
live to love | love to live

I have contemplated, over the last nearly two weeks, starting this year with the Chinese New Year
begin again after such a devastating calendar start

but that would be making it as though the loss of my father-in-law, my husbands daddy, never happened

and it did … and he needs | no, deserves | that recognition of his life [ his glorious, beautifully, truthfully lived life ] and sad but courageous passing from this world in to the next

so we have stopped … and we have recognized … and will continue to do so
every moment of every day   |   through memories of good times   |   in the smiles of our children
in our questions to ourselves; ‘what would Dad have done’?

he is with us always


A beautiful ‘Family Tree’ gifted to us by a dear, thoughtful friend, as a constant reminder of Poppy Bell

And that includes in our New Year and therefore the year ahead of us.

So what are my resolutions for this 2014?

Return to the heart of life

Time to re-evaluate life and what is in it.

From items and things and objects….
to attitudes, thoughts and feelings

what really matters?

| family | friends | love | strength in character | strength in convictions | being true to your heart | removing ego from your life | discontinuing the blame / shame game with yourself | loving yourself, as you are | looking for [and finding and nurturing] the good in all | removing judgement from your life | rejecting the negative and welcoming the positive | forgiveness [ of yourself as well as others ] | living life with truth |

that is my plan and year ahead

x anni x

Chub's family tree

“Remembering Chub, who grew his family tree with love”