Creative juices are flowing = Feeding the Space Just for Me

I hope this finds you all well, healthy and happy – and if not, that you’re working towards being so x

Time for me to share…

oH I’m so very excited! 

For $12 and a bit of brain space usage, I’ve now got art for the wall in my bedroom. 

Yesterday I mentioned that I was working with these gorgeous Op Shopped frames, and now I’ve given them new life and they are going to look ah-may-zing on my wall. 


Ok here’s how I did it.

Started with my spunky frames

4 wooden frames purchased from op shop

Purchased for $4.00 each at Vinnies = baaar|gain!

Went for a walk around our block to find just the right leaves, this is what I came up with…

IMG_2761 IMG_2760


Then this afternoon whilst the boys were sleeping, it all came together like this;


My trusty little Pink Power glue gun


Positioning of the leaves on a piece of water colour cartidge paper | why water colour? I absolutely ADORE the grain and texture that this type of water provides, and it was this ‘earthy’ grain that I KNEW would be a perfect and fitting background for these beautiful leaves.

IMG_2800Got that glue all up on those leaves | and | taa daa …


All stuck down looking fabulous, now to put the frames all back together again, minus smudges and dust etc between the glass and the ‘art’… 

IMG_2805“Arrg! Where did YOU come from little piece of stick?
Thank you for waiting until I
had put the picture all together again!”

IMG_2807Completed product! 

This picture does no justice to the colours in the leaves | and that has NOTHING to do with the holder of the camera! I went with brown, green and red / pink shades in the leaves that I looked for, and I’m really pleased with the result. 

I’ll let you know what it looks like once its up on the wall.

Feeding of Spaces Just for Me | Categories : Creative Outlet & Recycling Mission = Fed and watered

Tell me what you think, have you done anything like this before? Where you happy with the result?

Love xx


| x |Thank you | x |



Good day all!

Firstly – Thank you THank you ThANk You!! The feedback and response to my making this ‘live’ | known | has been overwhelming and humbling. Its great to know that you have enjoyed it thus far | it spurs me on to continue | to keep sharing | to keep searching | to keep creating. 

Love it! SO thank you again xoxox


Now on to my creative ventures. So yesterday I took the little ones with me on a trip to try find the perfect material for a curtain I plan to make for our ensuite window. Well, the perfect material did not present itself | a few other bits and pieces caught my eye and enticed themselves in to my trolley | check out the one that made it in to my ‘dressing zone’ for me to check out each day.

So for now I have placed the curtain making on to a shelf in my creative brain | with ideas brewing around how to make it still work | watch out for this later.


For now however, I am focusing on these totally awesome frames that I found in my most recent Op Shop Fossick! (my excitement can be found HERE on my RRRR page). 

SO this is a sneak peek of what might | or might not | be happening…

IMG_2759 IMG_2760 IMG_2761

I’ll reveal all when it’s ready.

Hope you’ve all had a great day.


Creative Adventure | Ensuite

So I’m off today with the boys to find some ‘perfect’ material for a curtain that I am making for our ensuite.

I went for a walk yesterday to find some of the bits and pieces that I would need, and found these…

Wooden Gum Tree sticks from the garden / bush

Aren’t they lovely? I think so.

They will be helping to do up this space


A bit drab and a few colours that I need to work with


I’ll show what I come up with later today.

Oh and I had to share these little beauties that I found in my bush fossic-ing adventure

Pandanus Nuts

Pandanus Nuts

I just love them.

Have found a great place for them too…will also share that later.

Off to find some material!


Depression and the pressures of being a Mum | Luxury and Silver Linings



So here’s something that I’m ready to share. I’ve been on anti-depressants for a handful of weeks now.

Whilst I didn’t really want to go on them (having been on them before and experienced some of the side effects) I had to acknowledge that life had ‘caught up to me’ and I was not coping too well.

As a young woman earlier in my life I would have laughed at myself if I said ‘Depression is a luxury’ (and please please please do not think that I glorify depression or trivialise it either, as I know FIRST hand how awful it can be and destructive to both one’s mind and their lives | relationships | work etc).

I shall explain… In previous years when I have experienced depression and anxiety,

I have had the ‘luxury’ to take time off work to lie in bed all day and feel terrible.
I have had the ‘luxury’ of going home to Mum and Dad at the drop of a hat to have some recovery time.
I have had the ‘luxury’ of being able to just ‘fall apart’.

Now however, as a Mummy, there is simply no space for such ‘luxuries’. I HAVE to seek help as soon as I feel my mind fighting AGAINST me. I HAVE to talk to my friends and family and TELL them what I’m feeling. I HAVE to get myself in to a good space again as soon as possible…for me |yes| but also for the little people who I brought in to this world and who rely on me. I NEED to LOOK AFTER ME – for them!

So yes, whilst Depression could be considered a ‘luxury’ to indulge in, I now find that the additional pressures and little ones who need me, FORCE me to get help and therefore not be down for as long as I have been in the past | I am forced to action for my mental health now | and I find that I am so very thankful and grateful for this.

My ‘silver lining’ in the haze of pressures and mental cloudiness.


NOTE: By the way, the ‘crazy pills’ have worked really well, saved my sinking mind and probably my marriage too! I know they are not the quick fix as a permanent thing, but they have brought me to a level where I now feel able to cope with dealing with all the triggers that brought me to the need for them.

What do you think of the analysis I have made of this? Does this ring true for you too, or do you feel differently about this?


Spaces Just for Me | and | New Pages

Photo credit - How the Hell Did I End Up Here - Do you see what I see? (click on photo to go to blog)


I have quite a few passions, some I share with the world at large, some with only the closest of friends and family and some only within the precious little spaces in my heart reserved just for me.


I recommend this | Spaces just for Me| it is something that every, and I mean EVERY person in this world should have, find, force (if necessary), nurture and maintain.

No matter where you go in life or what you do, whoever you meet or fall in love with | be that friendship or romantic | we ALL need to keep pieces of ourselves … to ourselves.

And I don’t mean in a ‘secretive’ affair type way…no…I would NEVER encourage THAT type of thing. I mean, bits that are just for your heart, that remind you of YOU, who you are, what makes you ‘tick’, what makes your mind hum with energy, what your heart dreams of, what is in the fabric of your make up that makes you strive for everything in your life.


This might mean the places you have always wished to travel, or a tattoo you have always wished for, or a career path you have always wanted to pursue…tuck them away in your Spaces Just for Me place | for now | if you are unable to do this straight away. Sometimes those places to travel, tattoos, career aspirations change or disappear as life | and you | changes and moulds you in to the person you are / become. But this should only be something that you are OK with in your Spaces Just for Me place, otherwise you will still hear the song from you heart! Listen to this. Don’t squash it, don’t destroy it with ‘real world’ negativity.

What is the ‘real world’?


Therefore create your Spaces Just for Me Space | if you don’t already have one | and feed it, take from it and give to it as you grow and mature and evolve. This will all be steps closer to being truly HONEST with YOU!!


THIS is all stuff I have been thinking about, stewing around in my head for years, weeks, days, minutes of my time. So I’m DOING this and ACTING on some things, dusting the shelves of my Space Just for Me and clearing away the things I’m ok to no longer pursue. But ultimately I am beginning to listen to my heart again | looking for “Me” again (without trying to sound like a line out of a Train song) | being true to me again.

Yes, this is for ME, but it is also for my family and friends. If I’m not honest with myself, how can i really be the best example, role model, friend and family member to my children, husband, friends and family?

If I am the BEST VERSION of myself for me, then it stands to reason that I will be able to be the BEST VERSION I can be as a mother, wife, friend, family member.


Sooooooo as part of this process I am opening up a couple more pages that will show some of my passions | those that I share AND that those that help to feed the pulse in my Spaces Just for Me.

REDUCE | REUSE | REPURPOSE | RECYCLE  –  This will be a space in which I will talk about my passion about reducing, reusing, repurposing and recycling…everything!

MY JOURNEY TO ME  –  This will be a space where I will share | some of | the adventures along the path to finding the heart of me.


So for now, I’m off. But I leave this with a sense of peace for having shared | a bit | of me