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I have quite a few passions, some I share with the world at large, some with only the closest of friends and family and some only within the precious little spaces in my heart reserved just for me.


I recommend this | Spaces just for Me| it is something that every, and I mean EVERY person in this world should have, find, force (if necessary), nurture and maintain.

No matter where you go in life or what you do, whoever you meet or fall in love with | be that friendship or romantic | we ALL need to keep pieces of ourselves … to ourselves.

And I don’t mean in a ‘secretive’ affair type way…no…I would NEVER encourage THAT type of thing. I mean, bits that are just for your heart, that remind you of YOU, who you are, what makes you ‘tick’, what makes your mind hum with energy, what your heart dreams of, what is in the fabric of your make up that makes you strive for everything in your life.


This might mean the places you have always wished to travel, or a tattoo you have always wished for, or a career path you have always wanted to pursue…tuck them away in your Spaces Just for Me place | for now | if you are unable to do this straight away. Sometimes those places to travel, tattoos, career aspirations change or disappear as life | and you | changes and moulds you in to the person you are / become. But this should only be something that you are OK with in your Spaces Just for Me place, otherwise you will still hear the song from you heart! Listen to this. Don’t squash it, don’t destroy it with ‘real world’ negativity.

What is the ‘real world’?


Therefore create your Spaces Just for Me Space | if you don’t already have one | and feed it, take from it and give to it as you grow and mature and evolve. This will all be steps closer to being truly HONEST with YOU!!


THIS is all stuff I have been thinking about, stewing around in my head for years, weeks, days, minutes of my time. So I’m DOING this and ACTING on some things, dusting the shelves of my Space Just for Me and clearing away the things I’m ok to no longer pursue. But ultimately I am beginning to listen to my heart again | looking for “Me” again (without trying to sound like a line out of a Train song) | being true to me again.

Yes, this is for ME, but it is also for my family and friends. If I’m not honest with myself, how can i really be the best example, role model, friend and family member to my children, husband, friends and family?

If I am the BEST VERSION of myself for me, then it stands to reason that I will be able to be the BEST VERSION I can be as a mother, wife, friend, family member.


Sooooooo as part of this process I am opening up a couple more pages that will show some of my passions | those that I share AND that those that help to feed the pulse in my Spaces Just for Me.

REDUCE | REUSE | REPURPOSE | RECYCLE  –  This will be a space in which I will talk about my passion about reducing, reusing, repurposing and recycling…everything!

MY JOURNEY TO ME  –  This will be a space where I will share | some of | the adventures along the path to finding the heart of me.


So for now, I’m off. But I leave this with a sense of peace for having shared | a bit | of me



4 thoughts on “Spaces Just for Me | and | New Pages

    • Awesome! I’d love to see it – if it’s something you’re wanting to share, when the time comes!
      Here’s to our own “Spaces Just For Me” xo

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