| x |Thank you | x |



Good day all!

Firstly – Thank you THank you ThANk You!! The feedback and response to my making this ‘live’ | known | has been overwhelming and humbling. Its great to know that you have enjoyed it thus far | it spurs me on to continue | to keep sharing | to keep searching | to keep creating. 

Love it! SO thank you again xoxox


Now on to my creative ventures. So yesterday I took the little ones with me on a trip to try find the perfect material for a curtain I plan to make for our ensuite window. Well, the perfect material did not present itself | a few other bits and pieces caught my eye and enticed themselves in to my trolley | check out the one that made it in to my ‘dressing zone’ for me to check out each day.

So for now I have placed the curtain making on to a shelf in my creative brain | with ideas brewing around how to make it still work | watch out for this later.


For now however, I am focusing on these totally awesome frames that I found in my most recent Op Shop Fossick! (my excitement can be found HERE on my RRRR page). 

SO this is a sneak peek of what might | or might not | be happening…

IMG_2759 IMG_2760 IMG_2761

I’ll reveal all when it’s ready.

Hope you’ve all had a great day.



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