Creative juices are flowing = Feeding the Space Just for Me

I hope this finds you all well, healthy and happy – and if not, that you’re working towards being so x

Time for me to share…

oH I’m so very excited! 

For $12 and a bit of brain space usage, I’ve now got art for the wall in my bedroom. 

Yesterday I mentioned that I was working with these gorgeous Op Shopped frames, and now I’ve given them new life and they are going to look ah-may-zing on my wall. 


Ok here’s how I did it.

Started with my spunky frames

4 wooden frames purchased from op shop

Purchased for $4.00 each at Vinnies = baaar|gain!

Went for a walk around our block to find just the right leaves, this is what I came up with…

IMG_2761 IMG_2760


Then this afternoon whilst the boys were sleeping, it all came together like this;


My trusty little Pink Power glue gun


Positioning of the leaves on a piece of water colour cartidge paper | why water colour? I absolutely ADORE the grain and texture that this type of water provides, and it was this ‘earthy’ grain that I KNEW would be a perfect and fitting background for these beautiful leaves.

IMG_2800Got that glue all up on those leaves | and | taa daa …


All stuck down looking fabulous, now to put the frames all back together again, minus smudges and dust etc between the glass and the ‘art’… 

IMG_2805“Arrg! Where did YOU come from little piece of stick?
Thank you for waiting until I
had put the picture all together again!”

IMG_2807Completed product! 

This picture does no justice to the colours in the leaves | and that has NOTHING to do with the holder of the camera! I went with brown, green and red / pink shades in the leaves that I looked for, and I’m really pleased with the result. 

I’ll let you know what it looks like once its up on the wall.

Feeding of Spaces Just for Me | Categories : Creative Outlet & Recycling Mission = Fed and watered

Tell me what you think, have you done anything like this before? Where you happy with the result?

Love xx


4 thoughts on “Creative juices are flowing = Feeding the Space Just for Me

  1. Having seen these in person, I can say that they are gorgeous! So simple, just letting the beauty of the leaves shine 🙂 Love them xo

    • Thanks Mara – I find them calming even each time I look at them – just need to get them up on the wall now 😉

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