Heels on my day off


Not too long ago I worked in a corporate office, surrounded by corporate people, busy working corporate jobs…wearing very corporate clothes.

I LOVED wearing corporate clothes! I loved finding an outfit that made me feel powerful and strong. ‘Power Dressing’ I believe it is called. I loved shopping for the perfect items to help build my corporate wardrobe, and | most of the time | the most important part of that wardrobe… the heels!

Oh the heels! I had so many shoes, of all different heights, and colours, and I ADORED wearing them. 

Since becoming a mummy I no longer wear corporate gear, and over the last 3 years the ‘corporate’ items have slowly disappeared from my wardrobe. 

Please don’t get me wrong, one can still ‘power dress’ with an ‘every day’ wardrobe,

 it all comes down to how you feel when you’re dressing and what you ‘see’ when you look in the mirror 

For me, part of it still comes down to my heels. I still have so very many of them, love them, sometimes put them on and walk around the house for a little while, feeling strong, liking the way they make my calves look {lol}, just loving them. 


Well…. yesterday I had a day off. Off from the kidlets | looked after by my darling sister | to get some things done, appointments etc. 

And I wore heels! It felt amazing, I felt sexy and attractive, and a bit like my ‘old self’ where I was a bit more aware of ‘me’ – but different, somehow better, because above those heels was a woman with so much more life and experience and wisdom than the last time they had been below her.

In my ‘old life’ I would have laughed at wearing heels on my ‘day off’, for as much as I loved my heels, I was more than happy to slip them off at the end of day in favour of either bare feet or thongs.

But this is my new life, my REAL life and I wear heels on my day off!! 

| If I want to |




4 thoughts on “Heels on my day off

    • Thank you Sarah,
      Yes heels are a power of their own, as do many other things in our lives when we really get to looking.
      I knew you’d notice the mixed print 🙂 xo

  1. My goodness you’re a beautiful lady, mama, friend 🙂 I love heels too, but I never wore them enough because I was self-conscious of how tall they made me (after all, 6ft in bare feet is tall enough at times) and now that my feet give me so much trouble I can’t wear them even if I wanted to!

    • Thank you A’Mhara for your beautiful words 🙂
      I do hope that one day your feet are feeling good enough to step in to a pair of heels again (if that’s what you want of course) xo

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