Touching base | Not just saying ‘I’ve been busy’

do it do it do it

Ok, so I’ve not dropped off the face…I’m still here, plugging away.

It’s been a busy bit of time, my sister’s 30th birthday, family in town, life in general. It’s a funny sort of thing to say, “Oh I’ve been so very very busy” as that line for me is a real ‘go to’ for when people ask what I’ve been up to, almost a ‘please don’t ask me to explain, as my head might pop with the effort to extract the information’. 

But it wouldn’t pop, and it might in fact be good for me every now and then to ACTUALLY say what it is that has been happening | making me stop, and reflect and share | instead of making it all seem so much more than it all has been. 

Being mindful and in the moment. Forcing the thoughts of a million ‘things to do’ aside and actually FOCUS on the person I am talking with and what they have asked me. 

Something I’m pondering this thought this morning as I sit here, ready to share.

My week since I last shared has been pretty full | of love and good times with family and friends. 

Hubby, the ‘Dragons’ and I joined some of our closest friends for a camping trip last weekend | days of sun and sand and evenings of drinks and laughs, it was a really good ‘unplug’ from the every day / night and so good for the soul to be around nature. I do so love the recharge that I get from being in the ‘bush’ / outback, or near the waves of the sea with sand between my toes.

So so so good for the mind and spirit.

Following our time away Hubby had a week off from his long hours and hard work and we mostly pottered around home here, spending time together and getting some things done that required both of us. The boys adored having him home, and I luckily had a couple of delicious sleep in mornings, being spared the ‘morning show’ (out of bed, breakfast, getting dressed ‘experience’ with the boys). 

We also spent some of the week preparing for my next-in-line sister’s 30th birthday, which we held at our house here on Saturday. Not a huge amount of prep required as it was a lovely simple party with hung fairy lights and paper lanterns, blankets and cushions on the grass with pallet ‘tables’, punch drunk out of recycled food jars. Very ‘market’ feel and so easy to set up and pack down too.
It was a really lovely night with good friends and family marking her 30th year with love and laughs. I do love a well organised get together.

And now? 

Some ‘down’ time, focusing on some usual life chores and activities and casting my mind to continuing my journey to finding me – whilst being thankful and grateful every day in this blessed, love filled life I call my own. 

I hope you have all had a lovely week also.

Much love

x Anni x



2 thoughts on “Touching base | Not just saying ‘I’ve been busy’

  1. I’ve been busy too!
    We’ve had sickness and tiredness and general overwhelm with lots of HAVE to do activities going on. Strangely, I feel like the forced rest of sickness has allowed me to catch up and feel recharged and ready to go forward.
    I miss the bush. NT bush is so different to VIC bush. As much as simply being outside and in nature is good for the soul, I think that it is my native soil that replenishes best. Plus it is tied up with so many fond memories. xS

    • I’m sorry to hear that you and your family have not been well – I’ve been hearing a lot of people have been down with illness lately, not a nice way to be.
      I can imagine that the bush in VIC does vary widely from the NT, but you are right that being in the natural world, no matter where, is simply healing.
      Here’s to more healing, ‘unplugging’ outside, nature time! x

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