Toni Powell | Webinar and Gratitude | GREAT OPPORTUNITY


Good morning,

Yes there is still some of it left as I sit here now with the chance to write – quickly at that though (I am meant to be doing tax stuff … eeek!).

Last night I tuned in to a free webinar that was put on by a lady named Toni Powell. She has had quite a life full of adventures and business and family, and her time now is spent helping people to find happiness and changing their lives for better. 

“Toni is dangerous. If you want your life to stay as it is, stop reading now.

Give her an inch and she’ll take you a mile out of your comfort zone. Being a risk-taker herself, she dances on cliff edges and skips along roads less travelled. 

But go there with her and she’ll help you find life in hidden parts of yourself. She sees possibility where others don’t see it. 

When she speaks you soon realise her optimism and passion wells up from a deeply held belief that life is good – a veritable trove of treasures. She is always on the lookout for simple, fun ways to help people find treasures they thought were lost. Dangerous? Yes. Good for you? Definitely.”            Mark Nebauer ( friend for 40 years)


The webinar itself was quite good – funny and insightful and enjoyable – leaving me wanting more…of which I can have, and so can you! She is just now making her course The Great Full Life Class available online, and at a reduced price for early birds (which is only available for another 36ish hours). It is a six week course – but is available for up to six months to complete in your own time (VERY attractive for me!).

I’m not selling anything and this is here ONLY because I found her talk great and her words rang true with me. So thought that anyone who might be looking for this sort of online course to take a gander over there.

This is where you can find her – Toni Powell

This is a 9ish minute TEDxNoosa video of a talk of hers – The Power of Words  | Please, please, please take some time today to watch this – it is so beautiful and raw and real!

This is where you will find information about the online class – The Great Full Life Online Class

This is where you can get the early bird special – Early Bird Deal


Ok Tax Fairy wings back on.

Wishing you all a fabulous day!!
x Anni x


Dishes and Adult Rewards


Good morning!

And it is a good one. It’s been a while since I have felt ‘good’ upon rising – but I do today | I feel a stirring in my belly to ‘get things done’ (and this might be helped along the way with an early morning drop off of a much needed hand sander by my bro-in-law | old telephone table overhaul HERE I COME)!

It’s a funny thing for me to think about being an ‘adult’. As an 18 year old (many a year ago now), I distinctly remember my father casually handing me a beer | as he would a mate | and then the shock I felt. He looked at me expectantly, 

| do you not want a beer? |

I did, certainly I did. But what was so weird for me was how I felt. My father realised after a short moment that I was a bit uncomfortable with the situation, as though he picked up on my feeling of being ‘naughty’ for drinking, and he said “You’re an adult now Anni, you can have a beer if you want to”. Simple as that. For him, I was now officially an adult.

| Overnight I went from being a child to an adult.
And as far as I was concerned, that was WEIRD |

That moment has popped in to my head multiple times over the last 13 years, as I’ve had ‘adult’ moments – I still feel like I’m not really an adult, as though I’m pretending. And I have to say, it is not those usual adult tasks and activities | marriage (although that is debatable), children, name changes, buying a house, going on your own family holiday | that has really made me feel like an adult.

No, it has been quiet adult moments within myself, when I have made, what to me are, adult choices. 

Something even as simple as doing the dishes…

I know, unusual activity to draw a sense of age / wisdom / adulthood from? Bear with me.

As a younger person I H.A.T.E.D doing the dishes…and right up until after purchasing my own unit and living by myself…I would often go for days at a time working through the entire kitchen, until I had literally used ALL possible containers without washing any. The resulting brothel of dirty | and oft smelly | containers and plates and mess to clean up was enough to send me running to a friend’s house for breakfast…lunch…and dinner. 

And then I met my man. Who, when allowed to be, was JUST AS BAD, if not WORSE.

| Something had to change |

And so, slowly, ever so slowly, I changed…and grew….and turned in to an adult | by CHOOSING to do the dishes | even when I really didn’t want to.

Now, please don’t get me wrong, I still don’t LIKE doing them, but I know that they are just something that has to be done. And that, I suppose, has been part of my adult moments for me 

| doing what just needs to be done |

What I didn’t count on though, was the peace and tranquility I get when I see the kitchen free of mess and clutter and dirty dishes = the rewards of those adult choices.

I had an adult reward moment this morning as I walked in to my kitchen – peace and tranquility to start the day! 

Enjoy your day!
With love,
x Anni x


 Ssshhhh, they still scare me sometimes…


A bad week…then Tennant Creek

crying tantrum

So despite my ‘magic drugs’ I’ve still been struggling.

I had a terrible week around 2 weeks ago – lots of going to bed late, lots of getting up late, lots of procrastination, and lots of not many good choices being made,

“lots of lying on my back at the bottom of a pit,
kicking my legs in the air.”

At the time I had lots of guilt and anger mingled in with dissapointment with myself and a good dose of self loathing.

Why can I not be strong enough to be the woman I know I can be?
Why do I continue to make choices that see me ‘standing beside the REAL me’ – the woman I WANT to be?
Why do I come back to this place when I know both how NOT to get here and HOW to GET OUT of here?

Well, for me, I think I was relying too heavily on the false sense of security that my happy pills would be my ‘quick fix’ and that I wouldn’t need to ‘work’. But I do. I have to work – HARD. I need to consciously make the right choices for how I want to live my life, FORCE myself sometimes to DO the things that I WANT but am not automatically doing. That AUTOMATIC comes after the work of practice and maintenance to create the RIGHT HABITS that then become automatic. 

So, a bad week it was | yes | but, it’s done now, and gone, and no one is hurt out of it, nothing has been permanently damaged, nothing has happened that cannot be turned around – including my attitude and feelings about myself as a person and mother. 

Tennant Creek

Following my bad week, I took a road trip down the middle of the Territory to the town of Tennant Creek to visit my beautiful sister Hannah who has recently made the move to the land of red dirt and magnificent clear clean starry nights. Hannah has followed her heart, that takes the shape of her lovely man | and I applaude their love and her courage at making quite a big move, and not only to just move, but to embrace the life, her new home and the people who are now regularly in her life. 

I love hearing and watching her talk animatedly about the wonderful characters who she has met and now shares an experience with – that she finds joy in the quirks of people, that she so enjoys and soaks up their stories and adventures and then embraces their sharing. 

I love this wonderful, eccentric, passionate, raw, strong, exquisit woman I am lucky enough to call one of my sisters – and how unbelievably blessed can one be to have not 1 but 3 of these magical creatures in my life!!

I will leave this here for now, but I will expand on my Tennant Creek adventure in my next post.


For now however, I hope you have all had a lovely last couple of weeks | and if you haven’t I hope you have gained some new knowledge about yourself, your heart, your mind or even just to marvel at your ability to come through tough times. 

I have so much love for you all.

x Anni x